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Machine Tools USA, Inc. (MTUSA) provides machine tools, hand tools, accessories, consumables, and tooling to Federal shops worldwide. MTUSA products include:

• Waterjet cutting

• Stripping

• Surface prep and deburring machines

• Machining and turning centers

• Metal additive manufacturing systems

• InjecGon molding machines

• FiltraGon systems

• Lathes

• Refrigerant

• Industrial rubber and plastics

• Handheld test and measurement equipment

• Presses

• Shears

• Roll benders


• Applies knowledge and experience with Federal, industry, and safety regulations to efficiently navigate each federal contracting step compliantly.

• Leverages the technical expertise of its high-quality manufacturers to create exactly what is needed for each contract.

• Maintains rigging, consumables, tooling, and other third-party vendor contacts around the world to offer the Government an integrated team no maRer the requirement or work location.

As a prime contractor, MTUSA takes full responsibility for the team assembled to exceed Government requirements and expectations.


MTUSA also provides associated components, accessories, consumables, and related services. We have an impressive list of riggers, crane lifers, and other suppliers worldwide to maximize MTUSA’s flexibility to provide integrated solutions for every machine, no matter the location or circumstances. MTUSA has team members all over the world. MTUSA treats every order as a project – carefully analyzed, planned, coordinated, and executed.


Experience: MTUSA (formerly known as The W.C. Burroughs Company) was founded in 1979. It has 50+ years of hard-earned corporate experience supplying customers’ industrial machinery.


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