The US Government Market Sales Opportunity


The U.S. Government is under tight budgetary constraints these days.  MTUSA knows how to sell your products even in these tight budgetary times. 


  • Because of the tight budgets, U.S. Government is forced to expand their equipment support facilities worldwide. 

  • MTUSA knows how to compete in the Government market.  For years, we have been among the top five organizations worldwide in sales of machine tools to the U.S. Government within a crowded marketplace because of…

    • Continually growing, consistent, repeat customers that come back because MTUSA is selective with our product lines and they know they can count on us.

    • Long-term relationships with the manufacturers we represent allow us to function as an integrated team of teams.

    • The absolute best quality we are privileged to represent by partnering with organizations that have superb customer, parts and technical support, and best value pricing.


  • MTUSA understands traditional commercial market sales approaches simply do not work with the U.S. Government.

  • We operate successfully as an integrated and independent U.S. Government Sales Specialist within existing distributor networks.  Regional dealerships capitalize on our Federal contracting experience and expertise.

  • With our unique Federal Contracting and Machine Tool expertise and experience, we built and leverage, touch points and long term relationships in Federal contracting offices and Government machines shops across the globe.

  • Our GSA Schedule and Woman-owned small business status gives our partners access to selective Government purchases.

  • We retain and update an impressive list of riggers and other suppliers, worldwide, to maximize MTUSA’s flexibility, breadth and depth and allows us to provide an integrated holistic solution for every machine no matter the location or circumstances.

  • MTUSA offers Manufacturers access to reliable, efficient,  responsive and compliant Government proposals, contract management and deliverables. 



We are looking for the right builders/partners to grow their success and ours.  Is that you? 

Contact us at 804.725.2522 to discuss the possibilities.