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MTUSA provides machine tools and accessories to the Government. 

We are a specialty dealer bringing high quality metal working machines from the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers to the Government. 


As a woman-owned small business with expertise in Federal Contracting, we help Federal machine shops with their on-going missions.  MTUSA:


  • Applies its knowledge of and experience with Federal, Industry and Safety regulations to contracting opportunities to most efficiently navigate each step, compliantly.

  • Leverages the technological ability of its manufactures to create exactly what is needed for each contract.

  • Maintains contacts around the world to offer the Government an integrated team no matter the location of the work. 


MTUSA offers the Government efficient, responsive and compliant responses to proposals, contract management and deliverables.  As a prime contractor, MTUSA takes full responsibility of the team assembled to exceed Government requirements and expectations. 


Capabilities: MTUSA provides Integrated Waterjet Systems, Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs, High Speed Mills, Filtration Systems, Waterblasting Solutions and Surface Preparation Machines – from defining requirements to installation, training and consumables. 


Facilities and Equipment:  MTUSA’s offices are located in Mathews, VA.  It is backed by four major suppliers, and has stable and reliable relationships with riggers and other suppliers across the globe.

  • Flow International Corporation has facilities across the world.  Their U.S. headquarters is in Kent, Washington.  They provide technologically advanced, environmentally sound solutions to the manufacturing markets. They  are the pacesetter in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology. 

  • Doosan Machine Tools is a supplier of high-quality CNC Machine Tools to customers world-wide.

  • Ebbco Inc., a small business, is the premier fluid conditioning solution for all industrial fluids.

  • Aqua-Dyne, a small business, is the recognized leader in the water blasting industry. They are a KMT company and provide a complete range of high quality, reliable high pressure cleaning and surface preparation systems, pumps and accessories.

  • Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining.

MTUSA also has an impressive list of riggers and other suppliers, worldwide, to maximize MTUSA’s flexibility, breadth and depth and allows it to provide an integrated holistic solution for every machine no matter the location or circumstances.  MTUSA has team members all over the world. 


MTUSA treats every order as a project – carefully analyzed, planned, coordinated and executed. 

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